Talkin’ Trash

All the basics surrounding the environmental impacts of municipal solid waste, the Zero Waste movement, and how to begin reducing your impacts. For resources + more, check out:

Listen here:

  • I wrote this post when I first became serious about moving towards a lower-waste lifestyle. There are lots of resources at the bottom of the post!
  • If you’re looking to shop bulk, use this Bulk Bin Locator to find stores near you
  • Here are the reusable produce bags I love so much
  • Here is how to compost in your backyard; if it’s not an option for you, plenty of cities have compost pick-up services. Your local co-op, farmers market, or nurseries may have drop-off locations too. Just takes a bit of Googling.
  • If you are looking to read more technical articles on potential solutions to waste, Google Scholar is always a  great place to start. I am really interested in waste-to-energy solutions currently in practice in Europe, and the theory of a circular economy. I hope to talk about these both in future blog posts and/or podcasts.


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