5 Easy Ways To Be More Green

As you’ve probably guessed, I think a lot about the state of our planet. I try my best to take responsibility and minimize my carbon footprint. Every once in a while, though, I feel like I am just not doing enough. Below I’ve rounded up the changes I’ve implemented most recently to go the extra mile.

  • You probably already bring your own bags to the grocery store, but it recently occurred to me I could also bring reusable produce bags! I do not store my fruit or veggies in produce bags inside my refrigerator, so there really is no reason to for every item to get its own plastic baggie, just to be thrown away once I leave the store. If you’re crafty you can definitely make the bags yourself!
  • On a similar note: take a look at your diet. Buying a locally grown fruit or veggies is less impactful on the planet, and likely costs about the same. I previously only thought I could find local groceries at a farmer’s market, and I honestly don’t always have a free Sunday morning to dedicate to that. However, I’ve started shopping at Spourts Farmers Market (a normal national grocery store!) and they do their best to source locally whenever possible. Plus, you can try out Meatless Mondays, or opt to cut out beef altogther! Read about why I gave up beef here. Start learning where your food comes from, and what exactly you’re eating.
  • Start learning about what you put on your body! It’s important to me I know what is in my food, but only a few months ago was it brought to my attention that there are plenty of weird things in our soaps, shampoos, deodorants… I’ve started buy Ology, a totally organic biodegradable soap I found at Walgreens. I also really like Alba body washes and use their mini facial peel a few times a week. I know bar soap is the greener option (forgoing plastic packaging) but I haven’t found one I like quite yet. I’m still learning about toiletries; some great reads are this recent article from Man Repeller on natural deo and Hello Glow always has great articles on natural and/or DIY beauty.
  • I’ve carried a Camelbak for years, and I’ve loved them all dearly. It’s time to repurchase again and now I’m just not so sure about the plastic. How BPA safe are plastic bottles really? What else do I need to worry about besides BPA? I am opting for a metal reusable water bottle this time. I own a S’well bottle but glass bottles are just as easily recyclable when you’re done with them.
  • Shop sustainably. By purchasing at thrift stores and consignment shops, you are aiding in reusing rather than dumping clothing or homewares. Buying secondhand is an awesome alternative to paying full price for something you’ll be done wearing quickly; glass jars and dishes are often in A+ condition. If you must buy new, figure out what the greenest option is: unbleached, recycled toilet paper is a comparable price to other papers, and bamboo cooking utensils won’t leak gross chemicals into your food like plastic ones.


    What are some things you do to be kinder to the planet? 

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