6 Best Las Vegas Budget Tips

After a quick Las Vegas trip last March, I’ve been itching to go back! I feel I missed out on seeing a big magic show or eating at certain celebrity chef restaurants. I have rounded up all the little tips and tricks my group learned as I organize a quickly approaching girls trip to Vegas!

  • Buy discounted tickets for shows, buffets, and other attractions at Tix 4 Tonight booths when you arrive. They have locations all along the strip, so there should be one close to you. There are deals for some shows on lasvegas.com, but the logic of buying at Tix 4 Tonight booths is similar to buying day-of Broadway tickets at the Times Square booths.
  • Travel mid-week if possible. Our giant group snagged a Tuesday-Wednesday penthouse for multiple hundred dollars less than it would have been on a weekend
  • Explore all your lodging options. For a group of ten, it was less expensive for us to all split one penthouse and a regular 2 queen room, versus booking multiple regular rooms. We laughed booking a penthouse, but it was the best option financially. Check out locations of hotels on Groupon before purchasing. Staying off the strip may save you some money but consider what you’ll spend on Ubers getting around. Major hotels have resort fees, so budget for those $20-30, too.
  • Even if you don’t want to initiate conversation, listen to the promoters in casinos! Promoters offered the girls free entrances to see DJs at big nightclubs, pool party invites, etc. The people on the strip were honestly sleezeballs but the people inside casinos were far more legit.
  • Food is a budget killer. Do not get suckered into a Starbucks order marked up three times inside your hotel. Save on meals like breakfast so you feel better about a big splurge on a buffet or celebrity chef restaurant. We opted to nurse our hangovers at a Denny’s on the strip rather than over a $8 cup of house brew.
  • Drinks are pricey in Vegas! If you’re going to be drinking, consider purchasing alcohol to pregame or take with you on the strip. Remember: open containers allowed on the strip but not downtown. Also, liquor stores on and immediately adjacent to the strip are marked up. If you’re driving in, bring it with you! We lucked out stopping at a huge gas station liquor store combo in the Navajo County on our way in from Zion; we purchased reasonably-priced alcohol and also did not have to pay taxes.

Please leave any additional pointers y’all have in the comments below!

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