29: Electric Cars, Elon Musk, + The Future of Driving

Today I’m hanging out with my friend Miles Dunlap, an expert in the electric vehicle space. We are getting into the innovation that is currently happening (and what has yet to be done), Tesla’s impact on the industry, Elon Musk’s motives… it’s a good one, y’all. Chat with me on instragram @lauraediez, @ecochicpodcast + viaRead more

28: ECOFEMINISM: Women + The Environment

Let’s introduce the concept of ECOFEMINISM. There is an intersection of gender equality and environmental exploitation … and today we’re just skimming the surface of the issues within that connection. Beyond explaining the ideology behind ecofeminism, we’ll also touch briefly on women’s education, maternal health, fast fashion, and veganism. Keep in touch! I’m on instagramRead more

27: The Wine Down, Jen Bingham, Cru Cellars Tampa

Let’s talk about WINE. Today, we’re chatting with Tampa-based sommelier Jen Bingham all about the basics of growing wine, plus: some labels on wine (“natural”? “organic”? “biodynamic”?) + how you can make some smarter, more eco-conscious wine purchases. Find Cru Cellars on Instagram or in Tampa at: 1910 N Ola Ave, Tampa, FL 33602 + ArmatureRead more

26: Happy Hour: Food, Equity + Climate Change

We are back with our second Happy Hour episode! Today, we’re talking with my friends Tristan and Liz all about food: socio-economic issues, farmers’ markets, waste, marketing, GMOs… everything you’ve ever wondered about food, we’re wondering, too. Let’s chat!! Shoot me an email at laura@lauraediez.com or an Instagram DM @lauraediez 

25: Straws vs. Fishing Nets: The Real Deal

The argument against straw-free movements has been circulating the internet… today we’re addressing the real deal when it comes to commercial fishing debris! Yes, a lot of our marine plastic is from fishing nets – but that doesn’t mean we should ignore efforts to eliminate plastic straws. We’re getting into the issues with both sidesRead more

24: The Menstruation Conversation: Dot Cup

Let’s talk about periods. 50% of the population has them, yet we’re nervous to talk about menstruation openly and honestly. Ridiculous!! Today on ECO CHIC we are joined by Betsy Drach, the founder of Dot Cup, a new one-for-one menstrual cup. We’re talking about everything you’ve ever wondered about menstrual cups: what they are, whyRead more

23: Coffee Cream That Cares, Unicreamer

Today we are chatting with Elise and Lori of Unicreamer, a totally vegan, non-GMO, hypoallergic coffee creamer! We touch on the benefits of incorporating plant-based products into a diet, especially for non-vegans (like us). Elise and Lori are also committed to animal welfare, a topic that is super important to respecting the planet that weRead more

Meatless Mondays: Do Yourself A Favor

Maybe you’ve heard the term tossed around, maybe you’re already an active participant… Meatless Monday is something we should all be talking about. Omitting animal meats from your diet just a single day per week can be ultra beneficial for your physical health, your mental wellbeing, your budget, and my personal favorite reason: your environmentalRead more

22: Wet Footprints

Today we’re breaking down what makes up our personal water footprints! We’re skimming the surface of the direct and indirect sources of water consumption in our lives. Let me know your thoughts on this new series! If you want to chat more, DM me on instagram (@lauraediez), my site (lauraediez.com) or email me (laura@lauraediez.com). WeRead more